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Acupuncture is just the beginning . . .
In Chinese Medicine, movement of energy is key. This sounds mystical, but is very ordinary. Blood circulation, breathing, movement of food through the digestive system, and movement of nerve impulses are all types of energy movement. Chinese Medicine practitioners use different techniques to help restore balance if these or other types of movement are slow, stuck, irregular or hyperactive. These are the main techniques used at Water's Way:
Acupuncture is the insertion and manipulation of very thin needles in the skin at precise points. The needles are sterile and used only once. The sensation of acupuncture is unique and often quite subtle - not at all like the finger pricks and blood draw experiences most of us associate with needles. Care is taken to maximize your comfort during each treatment, and most patients experience deep relaxation during acupuncture treatments.
If you are very sensitive to or fearful of needling, you can still benefit from the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. Eliza modifies treatments to each patient's comfort level, occasionally using needle-free techniques to provide comfortable relief of symptoms.
Herbal Formulas are indispensable in the treatment of most imbalances with Chinese Medicine. The herbal formula prescribed to you will have a physiological effect that reinforces the in-office treatment, both enhancing the therapeutic effect and sustaining it between treatments. Herbs are highly recommended to most patients.
Cupping uses suction to draw the circulation to the surface of the skin. Glass cups draw up the skin, and the cups slide over the skin, creating a soothing massage effect. Cupping is most often used for colds, stubborn coughs, and muscle spasms in the back.
Moxibustion is the warming of the skin with the herb mugwort (artemesia vulgaris). Moxa is used in several different ways to activate local circulation and enhance the body's energy.
Qi Gong exercises are meditative movement and breathing exercises. Patients with chronic postural or movement issues, and those who are interested in being more active in their healing process are prescribed special movements to practice between visits. Qi Gong classes for groups are also offered periodically, or can be specially arranged.

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