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Chinese Medicine talks and Qi Gong classes will resume in 2017. Please check the website for updates, or email to be included on our mailing list!

Previous classes and talks include:

Qi Gong at the Teal Center

Qi Gong includes a variety of meditative movement and breathing techniques grounded in Daoism and Chinese medicine. The winter session is the first series of Qi Gong classes offered through the Teal Center. During this 6-week course, Eliza will be focusing on fundamentals and teaching basic walking meditations as well as a short form in the Jin Jing Gong tradition, "Yin Yang Sheng Jiang Kai He Gong."

The Qi Gong forms studied will shift with the season. Even if you have never done Qi Gong before, please feel welcome to drop in to any of the classes. You will be able to participate at an appropriate level right away. The forms can be modified to be performed sitting; inner focus is most important.

Qi Gong classes for groups or individuals can be specially arranged.

Please contact Eliza for updated information or if you would like to be notified when other group classes are offered.

Chinese Medicine Talks

Eliza periodically gives free talks to introduce the basic concepts of Chinese Medicine and other health related topics. These talks explore the ideas behind ancient healing techniques. They are experiential and hopefully fun! If you are a part of a community organization that would like to host a talk, please contact Eliza.

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is a wonderful way to connect with the present moment and bring mindfulness into our everyday lives. The moments we spend getting from one place to the next can be times of stressful anticipation and distraction, or they can be transformed into opportunities to nurture a deep sense of peace. In this class, we explore several forms of walking meditation, ranging from the simplest walking awareness exercises to the graceful movements of the "Catching the Fish" walk and the "Soft Ball Walk" from the Jin Jing Gong lineage of Chinese Qi Gong.

Introduction to Qi Gong

Qi Gong means energy work or breath work in Chinese, and it involves meditative movements which enliven the body and calm the mind. The exercises include shaking, standing postures, walking meditations and other t'ai chi-like movements, which can be adapted for different levels of fitness and mobility. Regular practice of these traditional Daoist moving meditations can bring a variety of general health improvements such as better sleep and improved concentration, as we live and move in harmony with nature.

The Heart of Chinese Medicine

Ancient Chinese medical texts compare the function of each organ to a government official. The ruler, or Emperor organ, is the Heart. Sometimes, illness results when other organs usurp the throne, and we find we are governed by our appetites or our fears, not our connection to our highest values. Come learn more about this system that posits that health comes from living life governed by your true heart.
The Way to Energize!
Fatigue affects all of us from time to time, but did you know that what gives one person more energy may actually compound another person's fatigue? Tonight we will learn about the three main situations that cause fatigue from a Chinese Medicine point of view: Deficiency, Damp, and Stagnation. We'll learn how to recognize the different types, and what sorts of treatments help each.
The Dragon Energy of Spring
Spring is a time of explosive new growth and creativity. The Chinese associate the Dragon, the mythical creature associated with the wood element, with the springtime. The Dragon is the only creature in Chinese mythology that both swims beneath the sea and flies in the sky, a trenchant metaphor for the creative process bridging our subconscious and conscious worlds. Tonight, we discuss the symbol of the dragon, and what it teaches us about spring.

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